Interview: Youngblood Hawke

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam from Youngblood Hawke, who told me a bit about their name and how exactly the transition from Iglu and Hartly was. Youngblood Hawke has been listed on the iTunes’ ‘Rising Stars of Alt. Rock’ list, and are scheduled to release their full-length in a couple of months. Read the interview below to find out more!

Racquel Cocchiola: What makes your band, Youngblood Hawke, a unique band?

Sam Martin: We wanted to create a fresh sound, something we could call our own.  The messages, melodies and synthesis of weird sounds, stories and tales are what makes our band unique.  That, and our fantastic hair.

RC: In doing some background research on the band i came  to find a few pictures where you had a wide use of color is there any significance to that?

SM: I wish I could offer a more intelligent answer, but, like many, we’re attracted to color. Using a wide variety reflects each of our own individualities. But really, we just like colors, the way they make us feel. Except maroon. We all collectively hate maroon.     

RC:How exactly was the transition made from Iglu and Hartly to Youngblood Hawke?
Writing songs with Iglu & Hartly became an impossibility. We had no other option than to start again from the beginning and create something completely new.  The transition was scary, inspiring, difficult and rewarding.  We learned many things from starting over, working our way back to a familiar position. RC: What were the differences between the two bands including band members?

SM: Band members.  Style of music, outlook, message, the people helping us out.  We’ve started a new family.  

RC: Is it true that the band name origin came from the novel title, “Youngblood Hawke”?

SM: Yes!  I read the book, and I was immediately taken aback.  It just hit me!  I related to the story, the situation, the people and what a fucking name!  I recommend it to anyone looking for an incredible story.

RC: If so, what was the motive for this name, was it just cool sounding or does it have a certain meaning pertaining to the book?
SM: The name has numerous meanings. It was my uncle Mike’s favorite novel.  Mike was an incredible man, who lived an incredible life. The story of the main character in the novel inspired me to write songs, lyrics, scramble ideas around and believe in myself.

RC: When is your album scheduled to release?
SM: As of now, it’s December or early January.  We can’t wait.  Our EP explores one side of our music, the full length goes everywhere.

RC: Overall, do all the band members artistic creativity flow well?

SM: Absolutely.  Without that creative connection, we would be unable to survive.

RC: How do you feel about how far you’ve come when you look back on how things have played out for the band in the past, leading up to now?

SM: I feel excited!  I can’t wait for the next chapter of all of our lives!  We get the chance to start over and use the knowledge from past efforts, failures and successes to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again.

RC: Is there anything strange, interesting or unknown about any of the band members or the band as a whole such as pre show rituals you could tell us?

SM: Alice can stick a knife in a tree from 87 yards. Clean.

Twitter: @YoungbloodHawke

Facebook: Youngblood Hawke

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