Feature: Lost Weekend

By Melisa Baykent

The electro pop band from Winnipeg, Canada, consisting of Zack Antel, David Pankratz, Jason Pankratz, and Matt Worobec, is definitely a band you should keep your eye on. Their music has been described as 80s and 90s electro pop, indie rock, and hip hop.

Lost Weekend combines all the right instruments to produce music that is pleasing to the ears. They’ve released three songs that can be found on their upcoming EP and have included a teaser video on their YouTube page as well.

Their songs sound like the perfect summer songs, but can be listened to throughout the year. Each song can instantly put you in a great mood and make you want to stand up and start dancing around the room.

The band has been busy with rehearsal and have a couple of show dates in Canada. For more information on what the band is up to check out their Twitter page or their website!

Check out the teaser video they made, which includes the song, ‘Cool Kids’:

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