Feature: The Milk

By Melisa Baykent

The four-piece band, The Milk, has been tearing up the stages of England for some time and continue to do so. Their catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes are very clear in their debut album, ‘Tales From The Thames Delta’.

The band members first met in school where they decided to form a band that played teen-angst punk like music, shortly after that they split up. Later down the road though they joined forces again and formed the band The Milk as we know it today. Once a teen-angst band, they now were a gritty Motown soul like band.

The band’s debut album combines soul music with an urban, hip hop, and dance kind of sound that urges listeners to dance or at least tap their toes. The vocals of Ricky Nunn are rough and very powerful and the backing vocals of Mitch Ayling and Dan Le Gresley add a nice touch. Overall, the band seems to combine all the right things to produce a good album.

They have produced several videos for their songs and their video for ‘Every Time We Fight’ even features James Buckley, Jay Cartwright from The Inbetweeners.

You can purchase their debut album, ‘Tales From The Thames Delta’ here. Also check out their video for ‘Chip The Kids’ below!

Twitter: @thisisthemilk

Facebook: The Milk

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