Interview: Funeral Suits

Colleen Loustalot: Hey guys! Thanks for doing this interview today. For the kids who don’t know, would you mind telling your name and the role you have in the band?

Funeral Suits: Brian – Vocals,guitar,synth,bass

Mik – Vocals,guitar,synth,bass

Darragh – Guitar,bass,synth

Greg – Drums, Sample

CL:  Listening to your music for the first time, it reminded me a lot of MGMT, Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, and Iron & Wine. What are some of your inspirations?

FS: We love Arcade Fire. Our two most loved bands are probably ‘The Knife’ and ‘Radiohead’ but we all have really varied tastes.

CL: The music videos that you have released seem to follow some story line, would you ever consider making a short story film and composing an album to follow the plot?

FS: It’s something we’ve thought about. The three videos for ‘health’, ‘All those friendly people’ and ‘Hands down’ were something we had thought of doing a short film for with dialogue. Maybe in the future but only if we have the right songs and the right short story idea to match.

CL: With the release of your first album, are you beginning to come up with ideas for the second album?

FS: Yes we have loads of demos in various states that we’re working on when we’re not on the road. We haven’t picked a set of songs to work on as an album yet but we’re really enjoying writing music and letting things flow naturally at the moment.

CL:  With being a rather young band and recording your first album, did you find that your music was evolving rather rapidly as you ventured into the studio, or would you say that you had a general idea before you started recording?

FS: Well we wrote loads of songs that didn’t make the record before we knew had an album together. I don’t think we thought about too much until we started recording with Stephen Street. at that stage we had the guts of all the songs written or parts for the songs that would be written and then it was just a matter of getting them sounding the way they do in the studio with Stephen.

CL:  If you formed in 2008, where do you see yourself in another 4 years?

FS: A few more albums and bigger venues hopefully.

CL: Who would you say is most likely to wake up in a random location while on tour?

FS: Our tour manager Keith.

CL: Tell us a bit how you all got started into music.

FS: I think we all just loved listening to music as kids and eventually realized that we can learn instruments and make our own music.

CL: What’s a random fact about your band?

FS: We wrote the album in a disused office space in an industrial estate. It’s a strange setting but it really inspired us at the time.

CL: What was your first live performance as a band like?
FS: I think it was in Waterford in Ireland but i can’t really remember anymore. We probably thought we were far better than we were at the time but I’m sure it was an amazin’ feeling.

CL: If you could only have one brand of clothing in your wardrobe, what would it be?

FS: We don’t really think about brands to much…. we like buying clothes in thrift stores.

CL: Birkenstocks or Crocs?

FS: Neither. Bare foot.

CL: If you could rename any drink, what drink would you rename and what would be its new title?

FS: Coca-cola = Black Lemonade. We had a song called that at the start.

CL: What has been your favorite show thus far in your career?

FS: Maybe this years Camden Crawl show in the Purple Turtle in London. It just came at a good time we love being put in front of big crowd that doesn’t know us too well and seeing them get so completely into it.

CL: If you weren’t in a band, where would you see yourself?

FS: I haven’t got a clue; maybe making films or writing?

CL: Final question- What are you going to be for Halloween?

FS: We wish. We’ll be over stateside in the spring.

Check out their website and spread the word about this amazing band!

Twitter: @funeralsuits

Facebook: Funeral Suits

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