Interview: The Rogue Season

“Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?”  I’m Racquel, and I had the pleasure of interviewing the band, The Rogue Season an awesome group of guys that came together in Arizona.

Racquel Cocchiola:  What are your names and roles?

The Rogue Season:  Martin Spencer: Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Marcus Abiles: Vocals/Guitar 1
Zach Alexander: Guitar A/ Vocals/ Keys
Isaiah Murillo: Bass

RC: What are your hopes for the near future?

TRS: We all hope that we continue growing and progressing in the music industry while staying true to ourselves and continuing to spread the message that we have to share.

RC: Who are your idols and why?

TRS: We tend to stay away from the term “idol” but we do have people we look up to. We look up to the loved ones around us from friends, to family, to pastors, and to the supporters of our music and mission.

RC: If you were to describe yourself in a simple word choice what would you say?

TRS: Honest and broken individuals.

RC: Do you have any other hobbies besides making music?

TRS: We enjoy a variety of hobbies such as; cooking, antiquing, eating, skating, working out…sometimes, Legend of, watching 2001: A Space Oddessey, and pretty much anyth…ing that catches our interest.

RC: What is your most embarrassing experience?

Martin Spencer: I had finally worked up the courage my freshman year of high school to ask out a girl. Earlier that day I had chipped my front tooth and was embarrassed that she’d keep looking at my mouth!

Zach Alexander: I once had a conversation with a woman who asked me to buy her paint, in which I told her I didn’t have any money. After she gave me a weird look I noticed the bluetooth lodged in her ear.

Marcus Abiles: One time I dated a girl and the day I thought we had started our relationship I sent a text along the lines of how excited and happy I was to be able to be a part of her life, in which she responded, “We’re not dating yet?”

Isaiah Murillo: I was playing kickball in 5th grade and it was my turn to kick. I kicked the ball far and also had an accident at the same time. The kids shouted to run the bases but I told them I couldn’t because I had “muscle cramps”…we’ll leave it at that.

RC: How would you best describe your style of music?

TRS:The furthest thing away from Ke$ha.
If we would have to get specific we would probably say we sound coherent at first listen, but more complex when you listen to the details of each part we play. We like to call ourselves “honest rock.”

RC: How far do you think you’ll go as a group if you had to guess?

TRS: We would love to go as far as we humanly can, but we understand life happens and our purpose in life could be elsewhere. Realistically we will go as far as the people we reach. We won’t quit that easily.

RC:How did you guys come know each other and form this band?

TRS:We all go to church together and some of us met in school as well. The group started with just Marcus and Isaiah at first. Martin was actually a guitar player for a hardcore band. We knew he played drums and asked him to try writing with us and he stayed. Zach came in a little later and it started from there. There are more complicated details, but we can get into that some other time.

RC:How did you come up with the band name?

TRS:We wanted this image of equality. It’s evident that we believe in the salvation and love of God, but we didn’t want to put ourselves on an elevated level in anyway because most of us weren’t even raised in Christian homes. We are still human and imperfect and no different than anybody else except for what we believe in. We all go through the storms…we all experience the rogue season of our lives. Long story short, this was just saying that we are equal with everyone, and are just here to speak a positive message to people.

If your interested in the group or want to know more about them,
visit their Facebook page,
or follow them on Twitter.

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