Album Review: ‘Another Four Sad Songs – EP’ by Lewis Watson

By Melisa Baykent

Lewis Watson has been receiving recognition ever since he started posting videos on YouTube. Now with over two million YouTube views and a constant growing fan base as well as touring in Australia, he’s released his second EP, ‘Another Four Sad Songs – EP’.

The EP contains the same soft acoustic guitar sound that the last EP contained, but this EP showcases more of his style than the last one. All four songs found on this EP flow nicely together and have a bit of a different sound.

The first track, “Once Before”, has a touching beginning and Watson’s vocals are very moving. The track is very crisp and clear and is a great start to the EP. It gets you ready for the rest of the tracks. The second song, “Sink or Swim”, is a bit more rough around the edges, but that’s what makes it different from the others. The harmonies in this song are haunting and very soothing. The lyrics are sincere and simple, and just like “Once Before” you can hear the emotions in Watson’s voice. The third track found on the EP, “Even If”, has similar elements that of “Once Before” but yet is different. The chorus of the song is catchy and after listening to the song once it’ll be stuck in your head. We experience more of Watson’s vocal range in this song as well. The last song, “Lamplight”, is actually a cover of Bombay Bicycle Club’s song, “Lamplight”. A lot of times when an artist covers a song they try to make it as close to the original as possible, but Watson does not do that. His version sounds like a completely different song which is what I think makes the track unique. I would say that it’s a refreshing and calm version of the original which fits perfectly with the rest of the EP.

Overall, I think this EP is definitely worth checking out and purchasing and is a great follow-up to his first EP, ‘It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW’. Also check out the video for “Sink or Swim” below.

Overall Rating: 4/5

If you live in the UK, you can purchase the EP here or if you live in the US, you can pre-order it here or purchase it on October 22nd.

Twitter: @levvis_

Facebook: Lewis Watson

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