“It’s only gonna take a little time before we start to lose our minds” -Aaron Bruno

Aaron Bruno began his music career floating between a series of bands. However, many of the songs he wrote didn’t fit the band he was working under. An independent record company, Red Bull Records, allowed him to record some of these songs free of charge. Bruno ended up signing with them.

While trying to name his new band, Bruno decided he wanted it to start with the same letter as his name. In high school, he gained the nickname awolnation because of his inability to say goodbye. Instead, he would disappear, or take an absence without leave (awol).

All of the songs on ‘Megalithic Symphony’ were written by Bruno. He would consult family and friends for help with them though. The songs were a result of him just having fun. To his surprise, “Sail” caught the attention of music enthusiasts everywhere. It climbed the Top 100 and was featured on several commercials and television shows. Since then, Bruno’s solo project has steadily gained him fame. His unique blend of rock, alternative and electronic have set AWOLNATION apart from any other band. Every song is a refreshing surprise with a different feel.

Video: “Sail”

Twitter: @awolnation


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