Interview: BriBry

You’ve probably seen BriBry on YouTube before with the username BriBryontour. You’ve also probably seen him do several exciting and fun things that are part of his ‘Things To Do Before You Die’ series, but besides that, this 23 year old lad is also a singer-songwriter. Read the interview below to find out what his future plans are as well as who he’d like to be for a day!

Melisa Baykent: Hello! First of all do you think you could introduce yourself to our readers and tell us an interesting fact about yourself that some people may not know?

BriBry: Hello! I am BriBry, a youtube personality and singer/songwriter from Ireland. I do a youtube series called ‘Things To Do Before You Die’ where every 2 weeks I tick something off my bucket list and film the whole experience! It has taken me all over the world. Most people don’t know that I was born with 6 fingers on each hand and could have been a superhero.

MB: You released your first EP ‘Swings’ about three years ago, how would you say you’ve developed musically since then?

BriBry: I’d like to think I’ve developed a lot because I can’t listen to ‘Swings’ anymore haha. The songs just sound silly and chilidish to me. Most of my songs are now recorded in London with awesome producers so I’d say my music sounds bigger anyway.

MB: What is the music scene like in Ireland compared to the one in the US?

BriBry: I actually don’t focus on Ireland at all music wise, it’s very hard to make a living from it there so most of my shows are in the UK. I don’t anything can compare with America music scene wise, it’s unbeatable.

MB: How did you become involved with music? And who or what inspired you?

BriBry: I just started writing songs about girls that I liked when I was a 13 year old idiot and went on from there! I actually write poems first and then turn them into songs later. I love writing; music comes second in most cases.

MB: You seem to have done several exciting and daring things that you’ve documented and put up on your YouTube channel, which was the most exciting to do?

BriBry: Sky diving and bungee jumping would definitely be up there but my favourite things to do have actually been the more pranky challenges such as the airport video. I got a female friend to queue in Dublin airport for a flight to Paris and I ran in with a megaphone and asked her not to leave me. She came out of the queue and hugged me and we got a huge applaus from everyone in the airport.

MB: How did it feel to play the O2 Arena with Pixie Lott? And would you say you prefer small venue shows or large arena shows like the one at the O2 Arena?

BriBry: That was a surreal experience; I got jelly legs when I walked on stage for the first time. I actually love playing smaller shows though and bonding with the crowd. You don’t really get a chance to do that when you’re playing in an arena.

MB: What does music mean to you?

BriBry: Music is what I do full time and hopefully it’ll be like that forever. I have tried getting a normal job but I can never hack it for more than a few weeks. It’s immature really and a massive flaw of mine, but at least I know I’m always just going to take the happy route in life whatever happens.

MB: Do you have any tour plans or upcoming shows that you’d like to share with us?

BriBry: I have set myself a goal to do 200 shows in 2013. These will be in venues but also on people’s houses all over the world. I’ve a house show in California in July and a few other US cities. So far I have 24 shows booked out of 200 but I’ll get there!

Fun questions:

MB: What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?

BriBry: I have no idea why but the opera song ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ is always my favourite.

MB: If you could be anyone in the world for one whole day, who would you be?

BriBry: Ellen Degeneres. I have so much love and respect for that woman.

MB: What is the most surprising or random song on your iPod?

BriBry: My mp3 player is actually full of classical music! Although I’d be lying if I said there’s no One Direction on there.

Watch the video for “Everything” below!

Twitter: @BriBryOnTour

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