Fashion: An Interview with KI:WI SUMO

KI:WI SUMO is a fresh, urban collection from the young designer Enuvie Orere. The clothes are a chimera of East London and Japanese street wear, with a nod to timeless style thanks to their distinct twists on classic tailored shapes. The brand is only one year old, but they’re already being stocked in several trendy boutiques and have a permanent stall in the notoriously hip Spitalfield’s Traders Market. Soft Concrete’s Marianne Chua caught up with Enuvie for a quick chat…

Enuvie Orere: Hiya my name is Enuvie Orere and I am the founder of KI:WI SUMO!
Within the KI:WI SUMO story is myself and my sidekick Lamula, aka Lamb chops my best mate… we both grew up and live in East London

Me and Lamb chops met at university and we graduated in 2010 so we’ve been mates for like 6 years now and we still don’t get on [laughs]. Wow that sounds long… didn’t think about how much time has passed until now [laughs]

Before I started KI:WI SUMO I did a lot of freelance work as a bespoke designer for about 2years and started bringing KI:WI SUMO to life last year November 2011

Marianne: What motivated you to create Ki:wi Sumo?
EO: I just wanted to do something fun but not too demanding, but boy was I wrong!

M: Use three words to describe the Ki:wi Sumo brand.
EO: Fun . Clean . Oversize (loose fitting)…is that considered cheating…the 4th word..but its in brackets right? [laughs]

M: What’s been the Ki:wi Sumo story so far?
EO: Well the story of KI:WI SUMO started in my head in 2009 but I was still at uni. I sketched a lot of ideas down of what I wanted the logo to look like and what type of clothing I wanted to design and make… Then early 2011 I decided I really wanted to do this. I got my sister’s mate to design my sketch for the logo properly, to look like an animation, and I haven’t looked back since

M: What makes KI:WI SUMO different from other clothing lines?
EO: It just wants to have fun doing what it’s good at and doing what it likes best, making functional clothing. KI:WI SUMO wants to inspire people to think differently about the clothes they wear, be comfortable be confident be loud and most of all just be fun

M: What fashion designers are you inspired by?
EO: There’s so many… but I absolutely love Yohji Yamamoto

M: What would your advice be for other budding fashion designers?
EO: Like Nike …”JUST DO IT” you never know until you try… the Universe needs creative minds like yourselves

M: What’s your usual creative process when creating the clothes?
EO: I get a vibe from what people are wearing, saying and doing… I love to observe things and am quite in tune with my environment…so when I get a buzz I get sketching or photographing

M: What’s been the highlight of your experiences with KI:WI SUMO so far?
EO: Trading at Spitalfields Traders Market… I just looooove meeting new people… randomly

M: What’s in the future for KI:WI SUMO?
EO: A documented trip to JAPAN, China and South Korea

M: Lastly, where can we buy KI:WI SUMO clothes?
EO: Spitalfields Traders Market: Located in Crispin Place under the Fosters & Partners glass canopy, the market is weather proof and totally wheelchair and pushchair accessible. There’s also TUK store in Shoreditch and WATCH.THIS.SPACE Boutique in Leicester. For international buyers, there’s ASOS market place

To check out more of KI:WI SUMO’s great collection, head on over to their website.

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