Interview: Shade of Red

Shade of Red is an indie-rock band from St.Ives, Cornwall with a lot of instruments and influences. With a strange sound composed by five friends, this band is coming to the scene with a fresh perspective on recording and composition. Our writer Colleen sat down and did an email interview with the lads from the UK, enjoy!
Colleen Loustalot: Hey guys! Thanks for doing the interview today.
CL: Now how old are all of you?
SoR: Fred is 18, Elliot’s 17, Dani’s 17, Isaac’s 16, and Josh is 14.
CL: How did you all meet?
SoR: We started the band at school three years ago, we’re all good friends and Elliot and Josh are brothers.
CL: Your music has a very unique sound, how would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?
SoR: Easy Listening for Ducks. Or perhaps “indie-tinged rock” with flavours from more interesting genres.
CL: If you could tour with any band, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you be touring?
SoR: I think we’d have to play in North Korea. As for the bands though there are way too many to choose from, but RHCP, Gogol Bordello or Foals would be super cool.
CL: You say you recorded “Don’t Trust The Captain” in your bedroom. Obviously that must have been a bit difficult, but where did you record “Anne Ivory?” If you recorded it in an actual studio, which way do you prefer? (If you didn’t, just disregard the second question)
SoR: It was difficult, but we learnt a hell of a lot doing it that way. We probably wouldn’t have developed our sound nearly as much if we’d been racing against the clock in a studio. It was a massive thing for us to have complete creative control on Anne Ivory, and recording it ourselves seemed to make perfect sense for the record.
CL: In every band, there is usually a father figure and the immature band member; who would you say is the father figure and the immature one?
SoR: Hmm that’s a tough one! The band feels more like a weird five way marriage than anything else, but I guess we all sometimes treat Josh like a kid even if we don’t mean to. He’s a down to earth guy though.
CL: What has been one of your favorite gig memories so far?
SoR: Probably the show’s we’ve put on ourselves in tiny venues are some of our fondest memories, but supporting Graham Coxon is still one of our proudest moments.
CL: What’s up with the villainous cat with the mustache?
SoR: Everyone loves a gent.
CL: Finally, is there anything you want your fans to know or look out for?
SoR: Look both ways before crossing the road, we don’t want you getting hurt. Also I’m sure we’ll be putting out more merch at some point so keep your eyes peeled!

Twitter: @ShadeofRedBand

Facebook: Shade of Red

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