Feature: Miss Li

The energetic and talented Swedish singer-songwriter by the name of Linda Carlsson, better known by her stage name of Miss Li, brings back the 60s with a spin. Her fun, upbeat songs are a mix of the bluesy jazz found in the 20s with the rock n’ roll of the 60s, and her single “My Heart Goes Boom” is a model of that.


This 30 year old singer has caught several people’s eyes and ears and her songs have even been featured in shows such as ‘Weeds’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and even in a promo for a ‘Desperate Housewives’ episode. Basically, Miss Li is on a road to success and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

She released her sixth studio album, ‘Tangerine Dream’, in October of 2012 and it definitely is worth giving a listen to. The songs found on the album all contain a somewhat different style then the one prior to it, making it an album that is fresh and refreshing.

Miss Li shall be embarking on a thirteen date tour starting in April, which you can find on her website. Also, feel free to check out her official Facebook page to see what she’s up to.

Video: “My Heart Goes Boom”

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