Feature: Gospels

The name may throw you off, and quite honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I was introduced to Gospels but this band from Queens, New York, sure have a sound that leave you wanting more.


Their debut EP, ‘Animal Feelings’ is set to be released in Spring, and they’ve given us a glimpse to what we can expect on the EP with their song “Animal Feelings”. The song has an almost celestial being to it leaving you in a euphoric state. I mean what else can you expect when a song is recorded in a handmade three story recording studio  located in what used to be a house?

Although they may be quite a new band, they are already working on a debut album. The album doesn’t have a current release date yet but more news on it will be coming soon. They even made their live debut at CMJ’s music festival in New York City! Talk about a good debut. Along with that they’re performing at a sold out show on January 16th, 2013 at New York City’s Mercury Lounge where they’ll be supporting MS MR.

If you would like to more news on what they have planned for the future check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Video “Animal Feelings:

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