Music News: Pierce the Veil Release New Music Video “Bulls in the Bronx”

The Mexi-core group fondly referred to as PTV has released their new music video for “Bulls in the Bronx” off of their album ‘Collide with the Sky’. Even though some fans are disappointed with the new music video, it truly is a great piece. The videography and angles used in the video make perfect sense with the lyrics of the song, capturing the meaning behind the song lyrics. Bulls in the Bronx was written for a fan who committed suicide and Vic was compelled to write a song about her; fans feel that the video should be more inlined with that story line. However from a broader perspective, the song is more so about loving someone you can never be (with). So let’s just let these boys follow their artistic ideas and join in on the ride as they continue riding the waves of success.

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