Music News: Rick Kevill Debut Video “By The River”


Feast your eyes on this delightfully atmospheric video by Manchester director Nathan Codrington (Coddipro). Debuting fellow Mancunian Rick Kevill’s video for his new single “By The River”. The video mainly consists of a lady clan as Red Riding Hood in a forest being led to the river by starry orbs. Finding the river, she throws a symbolic daffodil into the water, which Rick later finds. With lyrics such as “I feel you’re closer now that you’re gone” and ” “I’ll sit by the river, it’s home”, the interpretation of the song can be quite ambiguous, but listening to the song, its seems that the river is a spiritual place. The video gets the point of the song across beautifully. It is very pleasing on the eye, and the landscape and scenery in which the video is set is stunning.

Rick launched his video at The Attic club in Manchester last night (9 May 2013) complemented by a live set, which has proved to be quite a success. The single is out 28 May 2013.

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