Interview: Coyote Theory

Coyote Theory was once a band that was new to the game. Some may say that they still are, but after talking to two-thirds of the band, Colby Carpinelli (vocals) and Jayson Lynn (drums) you begin to realize that they aren’t the band that they once were. You notice that they are very mature for their age and know exactly what it is that they want to bring to us in the form of music.


It was only three years ago that they had formed, and according to Lynn it wasn’t very exciting, “nothing special happened, we just really wanted to play with good musicians because we all enjoy playing music so we just seeked each other out”. Well I got to say that thankfully they did seek each other out, because they definitely are talented musicians. According to Carpinelli, they are all heavily influenced by 70s and 80s music and that had something to do with it, “Jayson and I and Grayson are really heavily influenced that way and we ended up really clicking musically because of that, I think”.

Now I bet you all are wondering what we are wondering which is how these two got into music and what their first experiences were with musical instruments. It seems to be that Lynn’s was in fact the drums, “the way I used to pick out Christmas gifts for my grandparents, this is a story, JC Penny’s catalogs, circling things, yes I’m old. So I circled a drum set. So I got the little drum sets from it and I would sit there with that and my grandma’s mini keyboard and it would play Elton John, ‘Crocodile Rock’ on a mini. I would sit there with the drum set and slowly build interest and try to actually keep a beat to it”. Seems like learning an instrument or getting into music ran at an early age for both Lynn and Carpinelli. Carpinelli started singing at the age of five to a country artist named Billy Gilman, “I loved this guy. I don’t know why, but when I sang I sounded just like him, which is actually kind of scary cause he’s like nineteen and I’m five, but anyways I remember being so proud that I could sing it. Whenever people were over my mom would be like ‘Hey! Sing the Billy Gilman! Sing the Billy Gilman’ and I’d be like ‘Alright, hell yeah, I got this’ and I’d do it”.

They’ve definitely had a busy past and they aren’t stopping there. Having recently released their single, “Taking Over The World”, we get a glimpse of what kind of direction they are heading in. “When we came out with the EP, we were still in our developmental phase and I think all bands go through a developmental phase when they get together. But this new single is sort of like a statement for us,” says Carpinelli. That’s not all that is going to be different though. They will be wearing costumes on stage and shows will be bigger in every way. In fact Carpinelli was sporting something on his shirt that could be part of the uniforms, “it’s got some feathers on the side. It’s cute right”? Very cute, and we can’t wait to see what the live performances will be like! Judging by how much thought they’ve put into the concept that they are trying to express, it seems like they will be great live shows.

They plan on being more active as well and doing more videos.”We’re definitely working on some other video contents, some stuff we can’t really get into and talk about,” says Lynn. They also plan on doing more collaborations and cover videos.

Be sure to keep up to date with Coyote Theory on Facebook and Twitter. Also check out their new single, “Taking Over The World” down below.

Coyote Theory : “Taking Over The World”

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