Arts & Culture: Ebru (Paper Marbling)


Ebru or Paper Marbling in English, is the method of dropping paint on a solution and forming exquisite designs which later are transcribed on to paper. Although it isn’t known when this art form started, we do know that it grew simultaneously along with Ottoman Caligraphy during the Ottoman State.

What once was an art that was used to line bindings and on the picture framing of calligraphies, has now become an art on its own. With several masters of Ebru now, it is safe to say that it is an art that is spreading.

Everything about this art is amazing, it is relaxing to watch someone do it and the end result is something that you will definitely want to keep. What is truly mesmerizing is that the artist is painting on liquid, which seems like a really hard task to do. They drop some dye on to the liquid and move it around until they get the shape/image they want. Once that is done they lay a piece of paper on top, then remove it and voilà, there you have the image that you made.

Today you can learn how to do ebru from the masters at art schools or classes in Turkey.

Watch the video down below to get the full idea of what the art of ebru is like.

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