EP Review: “Not Your Kind” Sam Bradley



Not Your Kind

Science Prevents Me

Only Human

Little Sister

Bless Her Soul

Sam Bradley is a British Singer/Songwriter who has spent a lot of his childhood in Nashville, evident in the tone and genre of his music. Sounding very “Americana”, Sam brings a musical maturity to his new EP. Singing and performing since the age of 17, Sam has the ability to switch between different genres of music for most of the songs on the EP. He has powerful and wide-ranging vocals and can adapt these to bring more meaning to each song.

For example, “Bless Her Soul” brings out the ‘country’ tone to his vocals, whereas in “Only Human’ Sam’s vocals are soft, empathising with the protagonist.

The opener to Sam Bradley’s EP tells a story with the music before the lyrics actually kick-in, and when they do you the warmth and depth of Sam’s voice makes you dissolve. In “Not Your Kind”, Sam sings about all the different ‘kinds’ the protagonist may be, and realises in the end that maybe he isn’t the right kind? A beautiful song about recognition within a relationship.

“Science Prevents Me” hits on the juxtaposition between science and religion. Sam sings about how he wants to “float down to the sea, to run on the clouds and split from the skies, but your science prevents me”.

Starting with strong guitar chords, the song settles into a gentle rhythm, and his voice is pleading, wanting you to understand the message he is trying to portray.

The next song is a soothing serenade complemented with gentle chords, pattering drumbeats and beautiful backing vocals. With lyrics such as “pick yourself up off the floor, put that drink down on the bar, we won’t be here for long”, “Only Human” he co-wrote with his Mother and seems to be an ode to lonely women longing for a relationship.

“Little Sister” starts with solo electric guitar notes while the point of the song is played out, vocally. Culminating in a chorus full of sounds and emotive pleading “please, please, you can change it, cos feeling alone, is all in your head, you’re feeling alone little sister”. “There’s a stone in your heart weighing you down, there’s nowhere to fall”. This is a supportive song, letting you know that you’re not alone – one that Sam says he wrote for his cousin.

Lets rev it up a notch for “Bless Her Soul”! Giddy country styles and notes are especially prevalent within the choruses. This song will have you slapping your thigh and line stepping in time, a perfect song to end the EP on – a high!

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