Show Review: Fall Out Boy

Growing up in my 18 years, my generation were the ones who were serenaded by Patrick’s voice and crushed hard on Pete. Being a Tumblr user, I was informed immediately about FOB’s reunion tour, album, and random singles that were not being released on anyone’s accord besides Fall Out Boy’s own. The opportunity to attend such an event didn’t arise until a few days before, and I am not one to look the gift horse in the mouth; so I jumped. (I’m a little in debt now because of it, sorry Rocky. Soon!)

Arriving at the concert, it was hot. It was hotter than the average Arizonian day in the midst of summer. After being ousted by a mother whom was under the impression we were little deviants and needed to be sent to the back of the line, we managed to find some friends and chill out for the remaining hour; on occasion we would have some driver yell at us, all in good fun? Once doors opened, forced will call was a major pain in everyone’s neck. It was hot and now everyone was pushing and shoving trying to get in before the last.

New Politics were good, energetic as well. The Danes sure brought it. It was a good idea on FOB’s part to only have one opener. By the end of the Dane’s set, the entire crowd was vibrating with anticipation. Wandering off on my own, I stepped outside to catch some cooler air (it was only 90 degrees outside) and ended up talking to a few fellow fans. When the headliners themselves stepped on stage, the loudest crowd scream came from inside the Marquee Theatre.

When I began writing this article, I really wanted to capture the essence of the concert atmosphere. However I don’t think I could do it successfully. Unfortunately the only way to ever experience such a nostalgic piece of art, you have to be there. It’s actually amazing how tight the music scene is down here. The peak of Arizona music was around 2002-2005 and now it’s tiny. But the stories that come out of this music scene and the people constantly on it always make for a good time. All in all, this is the concert I don’t think I will ever forget. Check out the nostalgia below!

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