Feature: Stray From The Path

As I join the land of the living and of internet connection, I begin my journey through numerous blogs and news outlets in order to catch up on what I missed on my Euro Tour. Within 2 hours of having touched down back in to the good ole United States of America, I heard Stray From The Path- “Landmines” and immediately thought Rage Against the Machine?

Now these guys have been together since ’01 and have released a total of six albums on three different record labels. In an attempt to rightly feature these musicians, I scoured the web to find their first album People Over Profit but was unable to find it. Figuring it was poor managing skills on the labels part, I began at the beginning of Sumerian Records with Make Your Own History and quickly found what was the genesis of their style; vocals that generally have the same aggressive tone and beats that were either making me bob my head or want to mosh, these guys have kept it since day one (or at least 2009).

Continuing on into Rising Sun I truly begin to look at the lyrics involved. Being in a part of the music business with an eclectic taste, usually artists are told to write music to sell. From the song “Bring It Back To The Streets”, many people think it is about people being lazy and devaluing music by pirating online. A fan wrote online better than I could explain it by saying,

It’s not even really anti-pirating. It’s saying that today’s music has much less of an emotional impact because of the digital medium. It’s saying that by going to a record store, buying a CD, and going home to listen to it, you’re getting more out of it than you would by just sitting at home and only half paying attention to a record that you got through the internet in a couple of minutes.

-Nathan Marsh

Maybe these guys are more than just a Rage Against the Machine sound-a-like. The more I learn about this band, the more I realize that they could be talking more about the complacency of the society we are all living in today.

These guys are currently on the All Stars Tour with their semi-new album Anonymous, I was unfortunate enough to miss my flight and be unable to make it to the AZ stop. If you have the opportunity to see these guys live, do it. End of story.

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