Music News: Bring Me The Horizon Releases Music Video “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake”

Freshly out of the oven of Epitaph Records is BMTH’s new music video for “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake”.

Not gonna lie, I wish it had more of a storyline similar to “Sleepwalking” but I understand those shoots take longer and this is their 2nd music video in one month. I don’t get what the rush is in releasing these videos in such quick succession. Perhaps it is because they only have a certain amount of time before they go back on tour or they really want the fans to get the videos right as they clear. However a little birdy did tell me about how Drop Dead pushes to have all of these videos out because Oli basically sells the company in these videos.

Whatever the reason being, I love Pirates of the Caribbean BMTH and love staring at their beautiful faces in music videos so I am not complaining. I did like the little bit where the director flashed to scenes of prey and predator, it truthfully captured the grotesque image of the lyrics.

I attached the video below. Give it a watch and tell us which one of their music video off of their new album Sempiternal you like the best! We all have our favorites, what’s yours?

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