Music: Local Band

This past friday, I decided to venture to the Nile Underground to partake in the Battle of the Bands for a spot on the Real Friends show. While I was there, I met many new friends and heard lots of new music; some more mainstream than others, but all great.

While I was there, this guy named Dain Griffin played his acoustic guitar. I couldn’t tell if he was actually playing for a spot on the show or if he was just jamming between different sets. Either way, he was damn good. I managed to capture one of my favorite songs he did which I will attach below (I call it F*ck You California, not sure of the name). Turns out Dain plays in a local band called Merit. Merit is ” an emo/post-punk outfit from Phoenix, AZ” (taken straight from their Facebook page) Here is their Bandcamp, give them a listen and show a little love for some local band y’all.

Here’s a little message from Merit~~

We are unsigned but you can get our EP the Truth About the Twenties for free download at and all of Dain’s solo stuff for free at

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