Music News: Miley Cyrus Headlines


Now if you have been alive this past month, you have probably heard from someone/something talk about Miley Cyrus; but why is that? Why do you think she has not been out of the headlines? Maybe it’s her daring activities or strange outfits keeping our ears on the lookout for her name, or maybe it’s her people behind the scenes.

A large PR force behind a person is what causes them to be seen; they know when she will act out and send paparazzi to document this “uh oh!” moment of Miley.

Americans have been shown to enjoy watching the downfall of people in the limelight, add in their ideas of what it may be, then watch them fail even more. The extreme nature of Hollywood and total lack of privacy has quickly become the ‘American Dream’ since Hollywood became the forefront of the movie industry. The glitz and glamour has attracted people from all around the world to get a glimpse of the attractive people, fast cars, expensive houses working here, and constantly changing scene.

So accepting this as the idea of Hollywood and it’s evolution, can we really be mad at Miley for doing what is her job: making people tune in? The American and international people are enabling every star, from Justin Bieber to OJ Simpson, to act as they do, and get away with it!

Now I’m not accusing all stars to kill their wives and their wives’ lovers, then continue to break the law, more so the ability to get away with things the normal public can’t.

Anyways, ending this tangent of stardom, what are you thoughts on this! Tweet to us or post on our Facebook and we will post them on here!

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