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Bree Tranter/Gaga Digi

Australian Bree Tranter finally unleashes her amazingly melodic and enchantingly ethereal voice in her debut EP, ‘Jaws’. Released by Gaga Digi Music on 24 August, the record has been described as ‘stunning’ and that it ‘highlights the delicacy and strength of Bree’s voice’. Having been part of the band The Middle East and also part of Matt Corby’s band, Bree has now gone solo and is about to play several dates supporting band mate, Matt, on his Resolution tour.

In her interview with us Bree tells us about the theme behind her EP, her love of being part of a band and how she fell into music by friendship. A beautiful insight into this inspiring and spiritual young woman’s musical career.

Hi Bree! Thanks for agreeing to the interview, really want to get your music out there, it’s so beautiful! Did you make the EP with a theme in mind?

BT: No theme in mind, but it did organically turn into a bit of a dark theme. Just things going on in my life during the last three years.

Tell us about your song “Wounded Love”. Is it from personal experience? What was your concept behind the video?

BT: “Wounded Love” was written about an experience I had at the beach one early morning, watching the moon dip into the ocean for rest as the sun came up to bring on the day. The concept behind the video was formed from ideas from Mike Haydon and myself. Experiencing a different paradigm in your mind when in actual fact you are just at a dance party or in love. The feeling of floating or falling in a deep ocean.

Your sound is very ethereal and haunting. Did you always set out to make music in this style?

BT: I think in a way I must have, but honestly I was just going along with music that sounded good with my voice. It was all I was good at without having to try or learn.

Who were your musical muses growing up? And, would you say any of them have influenced the music you make?

BT: I didn’t really start listening to music until I was 17. So I think my musical muses are of more recent times. Such as Sun Kill Moon, Little Dragon, Sujfan Stevens and My Morning Jacket. I think they definitely do have influence on me.

What inspired you to be a musician? Were you destined to study music at university? When did you learn guitar and the keys? Did you have any vocal training?

BT: Probably friendship and it was all I had done for years so it was the only thing I sort of knew, and therefore the path to studying music at university was the easiest. I don’t really know how to play the guitar and the piano I’ve been playing since a kid. I never had any vocal training, someone just told me I had a nice voice one day and I should sing more. I am now looking for a singing teacher though.

Do you think you will re-release your song “Winter” or add it to a debut album perhaps? It such a beautiful song…

BT: Not too sure, I reckon I might though. I would shorten the song and make it a little different though.

You were previously in a band called The Middle East, how would you say the music differs?

BT: I haven’t really thought at looking at both bands and making evaluations on how they are different. I guess I am now the front woman so that takes the sound into a different direction from The Middle East. Also, we were all so young back then playing music and writing and now we are doing it again, but older and aware of music and our surroundings in life. The music changes in age.

What do you enjoy about being part of a band? How does it compare to being a solo artist?

BT: I love being in a family. Playing in a band for me is playing with brothers. Probably another reason for why I am not solo and alone. I guess I am going out as a lead woman, but I will always have my band and will probably not do so many shows on my own.

Bree Tranter

What amount of involvement in the production of you EP did you have?

BT: I was involved, but mainly handed the reins of the production of the EP to Mark Myers, who recorded the songs and also played on some of them. I also had help from Rohin Jones. We did record the EP over one and a half years. However, now time has moved on I think the next recording session I will be more involved in, since knowing music a little better.

How did you get involved with Gaga Digi?

BT: They helped The Middle East out a lot with our music. So, after the band broke up and I recorded one song they signed me. It was easy because it just rolled on.

You’ve been part of Matt Corby’s band for the past couple years – your voices really work well together. Did you enjoy the touring experience with him?

BT: I love touring with those guys and Matt. They mean a lot to me – playing and making music is such a joy. We’ve shared many great memories and now Matt and my band are very heavily involved with one another. More love, more music.

Do you have a promotional tour planned as ‘Bree Tranter’ with your new EP ‘Jaws’? If so, where are you hoping to play? Will you venture to the US and UK?

BT: I will be touring the EP probably some time around November. I will be Matt Corby’s opening act for this next Australian tour, along side Bear’s Den. I will also be playing with Matt on this tour, so after this big month of double shows, I’ll put some small launches on for the EP. I hopefully will be coming back to the UK and US with Matt and also hopefully with my music, eventually.

Watch the haunting video for Bree’s debut single “Wound Love” below.

Bree’s Facebook.

Bree’s Twitter.

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