EP Review: Young War – Rose Gold

Young War – Rose Gold EP Review


I am totally feeling Young War music’s vibe. I am chilling, in a mellow mood, totally taken away listening to the smooth narrative and soulful vocals. Even the vocabulary is laid back. Each track off Young War’s debut EP ‘Rose Gold’ is so easy to listen to, but each track brings a slightly different tone to this R&B table. Released on 14 October 2013, the EP will be available as a free download on his Facebook page.

‘Rose Gold’ begins with the original demo track “Say That It’s Love” that’s been on Young War’s website for a few months. However, it’s been updated with more layers providing a more turned out sound. The production in this song is fantastic, a perfect combination of music and vocals, beats and tunes, rhythm and rhyme. “If you say, then I’ll say it, love”.

The title track of the EP “Rose Gold’ is another perfect song with funky guitar chords that will have you swaying along. This song is about reminiscing, and trying to distinguish the feeling you have when love is fading away.. “so hard just to watch it die, lord knows I only try” “and the memories start to fade with time”. “Rose Gold” is the perfect combination of rhythm and beats. The vocals are simply sublime on this song, bringing depth and emotion to the track.

“Do Right” funks along. Lots of synth sounds capture the melody of the track, with lyrics containing metaphors about strength, reinforcing the message – “do right”. “Hold your head high, be strong, do right”. Electronica and vocal effects compliment the style of the song.

“Just For One Song” begins with consistent beats, dulcet piano notes and pleading vocals. This song seems to tell a story ‘please… am I everything you truly need’ and “at least let me feel like I can’t do wrong just for one moment, just for one song”. The slight vocal effects give the song definition and presence letting the voice tell the story, past and present.

“Fine Line” is the least R&B sounding song on the EP. Gone are the heavy beats and the grooves. This is a simplistic love song, with undertones of folk. However, the song notes that there is a ‘fine line between the dark and the light, is the truth everybody hides’…

‘Rose Gold’ undoubtedly has its own unique sound. Young War brings a fresh and innovative approach to this style of R&B music, incorporating his love of Prince, Marvin Gaye and Miguel. In addition, the sound is completely organic with the 23 year-old being the sole songwriter and instrumentalist. This is an EP that you will instantaneously want to play again. It doesn’t try too hard, it’s not pretentious, it’s a pleasant mix of contemporary sounding R&B tracks, from a Manchester singer and songwriter, who has such a soulful voice.


Follow Young War Music on the links below and watch the video for ‘Rose Gold’ here.




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