Album Review: Jaymes Young- Dark Star

Los Angeles’ soon to be sensation, Jaymes Young, released ‘Dark Star’ on September 9th 2013. The album begins with the title track, “Dark Star”, whose beat really complements a laid back song that leaves you wanting more. After listening to the opener, there is no doubt you will scan the album for more congenial songs. The album slowly picks up the pace as you listen to a fan favorite, aka one of my favorites, “Two More Minutes”. The noticeable electro-ish phase throughout this song is concluded perfectly with what seems to be an acoustic guitar. The album in a whole coincides so perfectly that if he would’ve changed a single thing, the whole complexion would be off.

Nothing’s more satisfying than the absolute perfection of “Moondust”, the third track of the album. This album leaves me with nothing but prime things to say. Even if Jaymes Young doesn’t sound familiar to you, the 47 minutes of this album, will leave you in awe. Another song that’s most played in my iTunes is “Wondering”. Not only are the lyrics engaging, the refrain is irresistibly sung. He tossed in some covers that are imperceptible because of how significantly he has altered them. “What is Love?” seems to be the hype of cover artists, but not only did Young cover Haddaway; he threw in a little JB. “As Long As You Love Me” already contains seductive vocals, but Young took it to a whole new level. The alluring ambience of his rendition compared to that of JB’s, I have to say, overthrows the original by a huge margin. Somehow Young manages to make it sound less egotistical while putting a deeper meaning behind the lyrics with how elaborately he sets it up.

As you can tell not one unsatisfactory statement has been said about this album. Not only do I influence you to download a copy right now, but I hope you check out some of the links down below as well.

Check out some of his tour dates and stream ‘Dark Star’ here

Check out his Twitter

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

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