EP Review: ‘The White – EP’ by Riots

What I love about Birmingham is the variety of good music that is so easily accessible. A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this band who headlined a laid back Sunday night session.

A couple of minutes into their set – silence descended onto Birmingham’s Yardbird. My first thoughts were that they sounded like early Kings of Leon – given the made-for-rock growl of Tom Lynam & the cohesive guitars and drums. Astounding really given that it was their first gig. Ever.

The six track EP delivers an acoustic version of their songs and for a first EP it’s well produced considering it was recorded with little else but a mic, guitar and some leads.

Opening track “Help Myself” is a stripped back soliloquy on loneliness with just a little bite that let’s you know Lynam won’t fit into the over-used singer songwriter category.

The hypnotic Blues rhythm of “Desperate & Young” is shoulder-shakingly good. I love this track and I liked it even more live with the band. Acoustically this song has great bones.

“Rewind Restart” is an awesome track and one that is begging for radio airplay. The folksy melody coupled with the catchy hook makes this my favourite track on the EP even though it reminds me a little of the Cardigans’ “Erase and Rewind”.

Riots’ work consists of edgy lyrics, soulful vocals and Bluesy beats. I am a fan of that work.


Contact: info@riotsmusic.co.uk

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