Dexters Release New Video for ‘Recover’, Debut Album to Follow


Just yesterday, Dexters released the video for their song “Recover” from their upcoming debut album ‘Shimmer Gold’. This video was made in such a brilliantly simple way you have to think, “Why don’t people do this more often?”. The band raided their frontman’s parents’ house while they were away, played a show, and had everyone record it on their phones. The result is this clever and very great quality music video.

You can view the video here:

We had the great opportunity to get an early listen to the debut album from Dexters, and we assure you this: this is an album you want to hear before everyone else. It is a record that is so obviously influenced by the area they come from, (East London) but through the influence, they have made their own sound, and will definitely own this sound for the foreseeable future. We highly encourage you to pick up the album when you can.

Dexters will be touring around the UK throughout March and April.

You can pre-order the album at:
Or find it on iTunes and Amazon on March 17th.

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