An Interview with The Peach Kings

the peach kings 26-XL

I recently got to interview Paige Wood and Steven Dies of The Peach Kings about their next EP release ‘Mojo Thunder’, set to come out on June 3rd. We also talked about how they came together as a band, and other general stuff about them.

Kyle: So how did you guys come together to form the Peach Kings? I know you guys are from California, right?

Steven: I’m from California, Paige is from Texas.
Paige: We met in the Bay.
Steven: Yeah, we happened to be in San Francisco at the same time in our lives and just intersected there. Kind of a twist of fate.

Kyle: So when you first met up in San Francisco, did you immediately know to start making music together, or did that just have to come over time?
Paige: Steven’s brother actually mentioned to me once that we should start a band.
Steven: That was before Paige met me; she met my brother and he said to her, “Oh you’re a musician, my brother is a musician. You guys should get together and play some music.” So we had known of each other at that point.
Paige: Yeah the second time we hung out we ended up playing together.
Steven: Yeah, we wrote a few songs.

Kyle: So did your music styles just click right away then?
Paige: Right.
Steven: Yeah, it was pretty uncanny how we were just able to talk about what we heard when we thought about cool music and all that stuff. We aren’t necessarily classically trained in notation and stuff like that. So, we want something that sounds like honey rather than something else.

Kyle: So how long has it been since you guys started the group and actually made it a point to perform?
Paige: I guess we started playing sometime in 2010.
Steven: Yeah, near the beginning of 2010.
Paige: Basically the third time we got together to play, the name came up and everything just started going in that direction.
Steven: It was almost like a compulsion that we had to play more and more. I would actually kind of get mad at Paige when we couldn’t get together and jam. So it was pretty instant that we wanted to be in a band together.

Kyle: So what process do you go through to come up with and write your music?
Paige: Every song pretty much has a different approach, but a lot of the time we would just jam based on a certain style or feel.
Steven: We basically write with guitar and lyrics first and foremost. Sometimes we’ll write with a keyboard or find a melody or even just find a two chord combo that just sounds so good we won’t change it.
Paige: We used to jam with a ghetto beat machine and we would just put different beats and feelings on a loop until we found something good.

Kyle: So you guys are releasing an EP on June 3rd called “Mojo Thunder”, would you care to tell us about this new release?
Paige: It’s a really exciting time. This EP that we’re releasing was kind of a longer recording process because we approached it differently. The good thing with that is because we’re also recording other releases too.
Steven: We have this demo that we’ve been working on before the June 3rd release.
Paige: A lot of new music.
Steven: We’re trying to think of this next release as a springboard into a more full-length Peach Kings venture.
Kyle: So we can expect some great things coming from the Peach Kings soon.
Paige: Huge.
Steven: Always!

Kyle: After you release “Mojo Thunder”, what direction do you hope the band takes off in?
Paige: For the past year and a half we have been recording so much and getting it done so that we can spend as much time possible on the road. So yeah, big arenas, small ones.
Steven: We’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of placements on tv shows with Showtime and HBO and stuff. If that could continue with this next release, it kind of gives us some you know, drive to keep going forward and maintain our upward trajectory.
Paige: Yeah those tv spots helped us get some pretty cool followings in a lot of cool places.

Kyle: So where is the most random place you have found fans of your music that was totally unexpected?
Steven: Well we sent a record to Guam. That’s probably the most isolated place we’ve sent a record. We also sent a record to Istanbul which is pretty awesome. So our music is making its way around the world.

The Peach Kings are set to release their new EP titled ‘Mojo Thunder’ on June 3rd. Keep an eye out for it, these people have some real talent. This EP is a lot of hard work culminating into some great music. You don’t want to miss this.

They will be playing a show at the Hotel Cafe on Friday, May 2nd in Los Angeles.

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