Guest Playlist: Unicycle Loves You

photo-cred Jonny Leather 02

Unicycle Loves You Playlist:

Terry Malts – “I Was Not There”

We played with these guys two years ago in Chicago and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I am particularly in love with the raw energy of the drums and the guitar tone on this song.

Motorhead – “Ace Of Spades”

After a lifetime of listening to music, I’ve found that this is probably the best song ever written.

Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trauma”

Just got into these guys recently. I really love how this song never looks back. It’s always moving forward.
Lost Boy ? – “USA”
This is a bit of an older single from a band that we love. They’re playing our record release show with us at Radio Bushwick on June 7.
Wire – “12 X U”
Duh. Can’t go wrong with Wire.
The Wheelers – “Tarantino”
The Wheelers are our longtime buds and this song eats the fuck out of faces.
Kim Deal – “The Root”

She’s always been the best and this new track proves that she’s still got it!

Versus – “Bright Light”

“Bright Light” was extremely influential to me as an artist. The guitar work on this song still affects me the same as it did when I was when I was a teenager.

Swirlies – “Wrong Tube (Edit)”

I will go to my grave believing that this song contains the absolute best guitar solo ever to be recorded by man.

Love – “Seven and Seven Is”
No song from the 1960’s transcends time like this one does. Arthur Lee was a fucking genius.

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