Guest Playlist: Tim Barr of Silverbird

Frontman and singer Tim Barr of Silverbird took time out of his busy day to share with us a few tracks that he’s been listening to. Check out the Spotify playlist below!

“Elvis” by Annie Eve

This girl’s music is so beautiful. I love how sensitive her voice is and her lyrics. Reminds me of old Lizzy Grant.

“Peregrine” by Story Books

This is the song that led to the ‘Silverbird’ EP. Found this online and fell in love with it and reached out to Kris who ended up producing ‘Surface Life’. Amazing song

“Things Done Changed” by Notorious B.I.G

Love Biggie for two reasons – Aggression and Rhythmmmm.

“Call Me In The Afternoon” by Half Moon Run

Just a great song. Rhythmic and melodic dopeness.

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra

Sometimes you need to be reminded that you aren’t sh*t as a musician and that’s when you listen to Sinatra.

“Stole Rider Blues” by Blind Willie McTell

This is where it started! Well one of the places at least. Blues = everything after it.

“Glory Box” by Portishead

Let’s get naked.

“High Ball Stepper” by Jack White

This is the coolest new sh*t. I like Jack White because of his mentality behind music. Free flow of infinity, he understands that music feels you, you don’t feel it.

“Matrix” by Dizzie Gillespie

This is it. The secrets of the universe are hidden in this man’s playing. I was fortunate enough to study with one of his proteges Mike Longo who plays piano on this song and who passed down some very important rhythmic truths to me that totally altered the way I think about and play music.

“Definite Darkness” by Cymbals Eat Guitars

A contemporary band that I really love, they are just incredibly awesome.

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