Villainettes Set To Explode Out Of Australia

Recently, we’ve been hearing from a lot of bands coming out of Australia. This week, one has definitely stood out. That would be the talented group Villainettes.


Made up of four guys who came together from the remains of three other bands, Villainettes come to us from Melbourne, Australia.

What I love about this band is their extreme diversity in each of their songs. Listening to “Death Notice” makes you feel as if you have just woken up early in the morning in the middle of a deep sleep. You’re awake, but your mind still might feel as if it’s still dreaming. The hazy song starts out with a simple drum beat, a chorus joins in along with some great music. As the seductive vocals start, it’s all over. I promise that it’ll hook you in and not let you go until it’s finished.

Moving from the sedated and hazy “Death Notice”, we have the song “Diamonds”. A complete U-turn from the last song in just about every way possible. However different, there is no doubt this song is just as great. The main vocals come back with a vengeance behind some strong indie rock style of music. There is a hint of Interpol and the Horrors in the song, but Villainettes have owned this sound completely and made it their own. I would have to say that “Diamonds” is one of the most unique Indie rock bordering on straight rock and roll song I have yet to hear.

With some pretty obvious influences from The Stone Roses, Joy Division and The Horrors, Villlainettes are one of the best new bands we have heard here at Soft Concrete. Only being born last year, these guys are definitely going to be making some noise in the music business this year, and later on too.

We will definitely be keeping you updated with news from them very soon, so keep an eye out!

Villainettes will be hosting a music video release show at the Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne on July 5th.

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