Beauty Corner: Truly Aesthetic’s Bath Salts

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From time to time there comes a moment where you need to splurge on bath products. Truly Aesthetic’s bath salts are those products. Although they have a variety of bath salts the ones I would like to talk about are the Assorted Bath Affirmations. Presented in test tubes, these bath salts are something that everyone needs.

The assortment contains five different fragrances: Enliven (coconut, basil), Fortify (mango, peppermint), Harmonize (juniper, berry, grapefruit), Repose (thyme, lavender), and Thrive (chamomile, eucalyptus). Each one is as refreshing as the next and comes with a special mini scroll that lightens your mood and brings a bit of positivity into the room.

My favorite part about these bath salts is that you can either pour the entire tube (with the herbs and fruits) directly into your bath water or pour them into tea bags which you then put into the tub. I used mine in the tea bags and I thought it was such a great idea.

When people say that it’s all about the packaging when it comes to selling products, I couldn’t agree more. Truly Aesthetic’s bath salts are packaged in a simple way, but it makes it pleasing to the eye and helps add on to the relaxing process.

You can find Truly Aesthetic products on their website here or at any of the stores listed on their page here.

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