The New Trend: Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos used to be what every child wanted back in the late 90s to early 2000s. You’d see children exchanging their unicorn tattoos for someone’s flower tattoos and walking around showing off their new prized possession. It wasn’t until later that adults and young adults started to use them. For me, the notorious scene from A Walk To Remember, where Mandy Moore gets a temporary tattoo of a butterfly on her back, was when I realized that temporary tattoos could be an accessory that young adults and adults could use too.


It’s been awhile since the temporary tattoo trend, but as of recently companies like TribeTats have been producing tribal like temporary tattoos that are targeted towards young adults. Instead of those Lisa Frank styled tattoos, we now have metallic tattoos that go well with any outfit and according to TribeTats is “becoming a new form of self expression for women”. These higher quality tattoos may be applied and removed in the same way, but the main difference is that they “are meant to be worn as a new type of jewelry”.

Each of these metallic tattoos can be worn as any other daily accessory and that’s what makes them unique. According to TribeTats their tattoos are “versatile and perfect to combine with existing accessories to perfect a look for parties, concerts, date night, the beach, yoga, or out to brunch with the girls”. Girls, you know what this means? We’ll never have another boring outfit again!

If you enjoy TribeTats tattoos you’ll also enjoy FashionTats, OM Going, and UniqueFreakTattoos.

If you visit TribeTats now you can get 30% off + free shipping if you use the code SOFTCONCRETE at checkout!


One response to “The New Trend: Temporary Tattoos

  1. That was a great article and a nice looking picture too. I found another temporary tattoo company. I purchased a few weeks ago so tats from Good quality and my wife and daughter love them. Have a great day. Peace

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