Soft Concrete x Tradiio Presents Wild Echo

Wild Echo

We’ve recently partnered up with Tradiio to introduce all of you to a different chart-topping Tradiio artist each month. This month we would like to introduce you to the shoegaze band of Wild Echo. Hailing from London, Wild Echo is a band that is worth keeping an eye on. If you want to learn more about them, keep on reading!

First off, how would you describe your sound to those who haven’t heard your music before?

It’s 1995. The Sun is Shining, the patio door is open and Mr. Motivator is on TV putting you through your paces (but in his passive, non-threatening way.) You got the last choc ice out the fridge and everything is perfect. The next thing you know, Eamonn Holmes jumps in and says they’re going to an advert break. You’re a bit annoyed, but its cool…you can lounge in the garden for a bit knowing that Power Rangers is on next.

I read in an interview that you guys seem to have terrible luck on stage because of technical difficulties and such, how did your performance at Field Day go? I hope that it was all smooth sailing?

Oddly enough, at the gig we pranged out about the most, nothing went wrong! Musically speaking, I don’t think Field Day could have gone any better. We tried to mix things up in our set and added a few samples which went horribly in practice but it all worked out on the day. The only technical issue was that Pali (singer) wore a fucking terrible hoody made of hemp.

Speaking of Field Day, how was that whole experience?

To be honest, it’s been our highlight as a band so far. The weather was great, the sound guy was quality and the crowd was amazing. It was one of those gigs where instead of worrying about getting everything note for note perfect, we just took in the experience and savoured it. I think the crowd could see that too and it just brought about a great atmosphere…plus we got to milk being VIP.

What show to date has been your favorite?

Other than Field Day, when we played with Pale Seas at Notting Hill Arts Club sticks out in my mind. It was really early days for us as a band and the place was electric. Seeing a crowd that knows nothing about you yet fully gets behind you is a powerful feeling…sure the bass amp stopped working but it was all good! Headlining Camden Barfly last year was also pretty special too.

I hear you guys are working on new songs, which is great to hear! What can we expect?

One is a cover from a well known band that we’ve tried to put our own stamp on. Who is it? I’ll leave you a clue…if you dig a tunnel you’ll go straight up and down.
We’ve recorded another song which follows the ‘deep water’ and ‘endless’ vibe, but it’s a bit more driven in the chorus. The songs were actually recorded in May but we’re so particular with the mixing process we’ll probably have them out come winter time

Do you guys go to school, work, etc. and if so how do you juggle everything?

We actually all met in Uni a few years back, and now we work in wonderful industries like sales… Currently three of us are in London, Mike (guitar) is in Bristol and Ben (Bass) is in Manchester. It’s hard to juggle stuff, especially when we get offered mid week gigs but we usually find a way to get by. In terms of songwriting, the internet helps us with that. When we meet for writing sessions we already have half an idea of what to work on.

What has changed from when you guys were called Gulls to now (besides the name change)?

I guess people can find us on Facebook now. We all love football but the amount of people that thought we were called ‘goals’ started to become a bit tiring. I think the RSPB  also got a few more hits as well if people tried to search us.

What is it like knowing that due to the internet, your music can be listened by anyone around the world?

It’s amazing how much smaller the world has become. To put it in perspective, we’ve had a feature about us in Brazil, played a festival we went to as fans and have strangers from all around the world get in touch with us simply because they heard us on YouTube/Soundcloud/Tradiio/Bandcamp. It’s a warming feeling. 

Are there any cities or venues that you wish to play at?

We’d love to play Berghain (Berlin) in the future but Rudy has never had much luck getting in as a punter.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

When you go to the supermarket, always get food from the back of the shelf. 9 times out of 10 you will find the longer best before dates are kept there. Also, our whole E.P is available online if you have a spare 20 minutes in your day.

For more from Wild Echo, check them out on Tradiio.

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