Jessiquoi Releases Video for “The Addict”

Jessiquoi’s “The Addict” is musically all over the place but it’s a beautiful, perplexing mix that is quite alluring. The Australian born music producer combines all sorts of musical elements in her new track from your typical pop dance groove to African beats to Japanese anime flavored rap verses.

The video takes place in an underground lab full of electrical parts used to produce what appears to be a light-up DJ station for Jessiquoi, where her and her lab mates can feel alive and dance like no one is watching thanks to tubes administering music to them (implying that her “body is a machine” and that music is the gasoline to fuel them).

“The Addict” is a rare, unique track that is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of the same few bars and generic pop beats so it goes without saying that more people should take note from her.


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