Lavender Fields Drops New Track, “Presence Dub”

Lavender Fields hails from Los Angeles and produces music that is nowhere near ordinary. One quick listen to her new track “Presence Dub” and we already can tell that she is a force to be reckoned with due to her experimental sound, self-dubbed as “lavendub”.

The producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has claimed Bob Marley and Tchaikovsky as some of her influences. However, it’s Marley’s timeless reggae sound that can be heard influencing the creation of “Presence Dub” from the offbeat rhythms to the unique, yet, very familiar vocals.

“Presence Dub” is a perfect example of experimental electronica meets reggae and could be the background music playing at some obscure, underground bar in London or at an underground electronica show; either way we are craving more from this LA based musician.

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