Feature: Blackbear AKA Mat Musto

By: Brianna Hudson

Matthew Tyler Musto is a 21 year old musician from Palm Coast, FL. He recently moved to West Hollywood, CA and is currently releasing songs every friday for “Black Friday“. He became a part of many musical projects during his teenage years, but took a new lead and became a solo artist in ’08. He released several EP’s such as: Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, and Year of the Blackbear. In the fall of 2011, he started making new music under the name of Blackbear. He then released “Foreplay” on April 20th, 2012. His sound changed with his name but his love for making music is still as it was in the beginning. He has recently teamed up with artists such as: Artist Vs. Poet, “Leavin’ in the Morning“; Mike Posner, “Stay Schemin‘” and “Marauder Music“; Tyler Carter, “Cars & Clothes & Calories“; Machine Gun Kelly, “End of the Road“.

He’s played some local LA shows recently and hopes to be touring soon! Check him out below!

Twitter: @iamblackbear

Facebook: Blackbear

Free Downloads on Soundcloud: iamblackbear

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