Feature: Fine Times

By Melisa Baykent

The talented duo, consisting of Matthew Moldowan and Jeffrey Josiah Powell, from Vancouver have joined forces again, this time with a self-titled debut album set to arrive in stores on September 18th.

Fine Times has combined pop with a very sophisticated sound and their single, ‘Hey Judas’, proves that. The song contains everything to make it a catchy/good song. ‘Lions’ is also a song that contains the same sophisticated sound, but isn’t as upbeat as ‘Hey Judas’. Overall the album is worth giving it a listen to and experiencing for yourself the unique sound that makes up Fine Times.

Their album has already gotten great reviews and they even collaborated with Howard Redekopp, who has worked with the New Pornographers, Mother, Mother, and Tegan & Sara to name a few. His finishing touches has made the album crisp sounding and also full of brightness and warmth.

The duo is definitely on the right path and their gamble of jumping into a small window that neither one of them knew where it would lead is surely starting to pay off.

Check out their single, ‘Hey Judas’, down below!

Twitter: @finetimes

Facebook: Fine Times

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