Feature: Tearjerker

By Melisa Baykent

The three piece band from Toronto, Canada consists of Micah Bonte (vocals/guitar), Trevor Hawkins (drums), and Taylor Shute (bass/keys). They have been described as ‘indie rock’, ‘chillwave’, and ‘glo-fi/lo-fi’ by their listeners.

Tearjerker formed in 2009 when they all realized that they shared similar music sensibilities and philosophies, and have been making music together since then. They have three full-length releases and have recently released ‘Hiding’ and plan on releasing a new full-length in 2013.

Their latest release, ‘Hiding’, contains four very unique songs and manages to combine perfect reverb with instrumentals along with a nice, smooth, almost whispery like voice.  The overall vibe of the EP would be described as very chill and calming.

Something unique about this band is that they are big believers in making their music accessible to as many people as possible, which is why they make their releases on a pay what you can basis. Along with that everything they release is independently released and all the packaging for the physical releases are made by hand. They’ve even designed/made the packaging for their 50 limited edition cassette copies of ‘Hiding’.

The band has definitely developed their sound over the years and their latest release, ‘Hiding’, definitely proves that.

Check out the video for ‘So Dead’ off the album ‘Rare’:

Twitter: @tearjerkerband

Facebook: Tearjerker

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