Album Review: “Color” by Coyote Theory

“We live our lives very cliché” says Lane Bohman, one of the 4 members in Coyote Theory. With heartfelt, expressive and paradoxical lyrics this band is far from cliché. Creating a sound that is completely their own. These four boys from Orlando wow the crowd perpetually with their unexpected sound.

Their debut EP “Color” has put the band in a great starting position. With only 4 songs, the EP seems larger than a 12-song record. Songs like “The Ruse & the Caper” invites the listener into an intimate setting where as “This Side of Paradise” creates a comfortable environment for easy listening. Coyote Theory’s complete EP deserves to be absorbed, enjoyed, and interpreted differently by each listener.The whole theme of the EP is different for everyone that listens to the EP. Each song is very different; from the drum beats and strange bongo sounds, to added piano riffs which creates a all-embracing ambiance. It’s very easy to get lost in the backing music if you sit down and truly listen to it. However, I do find that the repetitive lyrics are a bit irksome, almost like they were meant as fillers just to get a lyrical beat; but they are catchy. Overall, this is a great EP and deserves more recognition than it gets.


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