Interview: The Static Jacks

Kim Tornabene: Hey guys! First of all, thanks for agreeing to this interview. I’m a huge supporter of you guys. So for those who don’t know, what are your names and what are your positions in the band?

Henry Kaye: Thanks for having us. I’m Henry. I play guitar.  That’s Ian.  He Sings.  There’s Nick. He plays the drums.  Here’s Mike.  He plays guitar.

KT: How did you guys form your band?

HK: Nick, Ian and I went to high school together and played on the football team.  One day after practice Ian started singing “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” by The Temptations in the locker room and Nick & I joined in harmony.  It was a real bonding experience…being on the football field, singing in the locker room.  After that, we realized we had to start a band.  Mike was the coach. A real no nonsense tough guy.

KT: Why did you guys change your name from the original, “Waterdown Clockwise”?

HK: I don’t like a band’s name that’s associated with toilets.

KT: What has been the most exciting part of touring with bands like Young the Giant and The Wombats?

HK: The best part is stealing all of their fans.  Seriously we owe so much to The Wombats.  They are our PR team.

KT: Who’s the craziest one in the band?

HK: Mike is from outer space.  That’s pretty crazy. A real space ace.

KT: Where has been your favorite place that you’ve toured?

HK: England.  Definitely overseas.  They treat bands really well over there.  They also like our music over there which doesn’t hurt.

KT: Where do you get inspiration for writing your songs?

HK: I like hearing someone else’s song and wanting to write something like it, or something better hopefully.  It’s never better though.  It’s like that new Rolling Stone column “Aim For Springsteen, Land at Bon Jovi.” Ouch.

KT: If you were to make a song about your overall experience as a band thus far, what would you title it?

HK: You Gotta Fake It ‘Til You Naked.

KT: Who is your musical inspiration and why?

HK: Rod “The Bod” Stewart.  He’s done it all.  He’s been in the rock band and made big rock songs.  He’s been the sexy popstar making huge pop songs.  And he moves on stage like a wild animal.

KT: Last question! What is the strangest Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

HK: When I was 9-years-old I was Fred Durst for Halloween. That was pretty horrible. My parents must have been so proud.

KT: Thanks so much for your time. Great luck in the future!

HK: Thank you!

Twitter: @thestaticjacks

Facebook: The Static Jacks

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