Feature: Jinja Safari

By Kim Tornabene

There is no better word to describe the music of Jinja Safari than happiness. With song names like ‘Mermaids’ and ‘Peter Pan’, it is evident that the band displays a type of childlike simplicity. The songs capture wonder and mystery in a combination that leaves you wanting to dance around your room.

Jinja Safari is an up and coming Australian band formed by Marcus Azon and Cameron ‘Pepa’ Knight in 2010. Marcus spent some of his childhood in Africa, which is reflected in the music. Most of the songs contain drums and beats that are not customary in other music in their genre. On the other hand, Pepa brings in the alternative, folk influence that has been compared to bands such as Animal Collective and Sufjan Stevens.

Jinja Safari has already begun to capture the attention of an Australian fan base. As they are yet to have released an album in the United States, they still remain under the surface. However, this band is loaded with talent. It won’t be long until they are alongside big names.

This song conveys the reason this band was founded, adventure. Good luck with the adventure to come.

Twitter: @jinjasafari

Facebook: Jinja Safari

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