Interview: George Works

George Works is a crazy raw smoothie of musical talent currently gracing the London music scene on every platform they can find. After hearing their haunting single Mild Words, complete with an enigmatic apocalyptic video, Soft Concrete’s Marianne wanted to learn more about these promising and ambitious musicians.

Hi George Works, would you like to introduce yourself?

George Works have been playing the London circuit for more then 2 years now. We played extensive festivals and private functions last summer. We have independently released a reggae EP, titled Root Division. The band members are:
Nuno Brito-Drums – Portugal
Jamil Ahmed-Bass – London
Henry Lawry-Trumpet – London
Sam Eagles-Sax – London
Jamie Elliott-Percussion – London
George Chater-Guitar and lead vocals – London

Woah there’s a lot of you, how did you guys meet?

After 4 years in South America, i got invited to a carnival after party in Notting Hill. Where I met a chap, who suggested we have a jam.. This turned into an epic 5 hour corridor bonanza. His name was Jamil… Jamil was playing in a big band at the time and couldn’t commit to playing with me full time..He took me to one of his gigs, where he invited me on stage to play a few tunes. This was the first time we played together..From here I started to book as many gigs as possible in back end country pubs and venues, wherever would have us. The other members joined later when Jamill and I both started to play in an afrobeat band. This is the story of how George Works.

Image artist's own
Image artist’s own

What’s the story behind the band name?

I tried to call the band The Works but there are 5 other bands out there with that name.. So George Works was the next best thing… Officially I suppose we are George Works but the original name is The Works.

How would you describe your style of music?

We are a versatile group of musicians and we each bring our own influences to the band. Reggae is something that we all identify with but our live shows incorporate Folk, Samba, Drum & Bass and Dub too.

What was your first ever tape/CD?
Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom

What have you done so far in the way of live shows?

Last summer was festivals almost every weekend, Small World, Smugglers, Kaplick, Folkus, Over The Moon. The Works also opened for Musical Youth, that was a highlight.

What would you most like to be known for?

We like to keep it real, we are real performers and we like to improvise and get people moving.

Who would you most like to do a duet with?

Tinie Tempah, I used to be a bit of an MC when I was younger, so I reckon I could teach him a thing or two! Seriously though he’s probably a twat, so maybe Bob (Marley)? Maybe Tinie and Bob, Bob would chill him out.

How do you record your songs?

Wherever I can, this EP’s been done on a shoe string, but I got a lot of help from my friends (thanks Tony!)

Image artist’s own

What kind of things do you tend to write your songs about?

My songs are about life experience, sometimes mine… to be honest with you, a lot of the time I try and keep it vague, I like to let other people work out the details.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Think its goanna have to be Bob, he was the first guy that really made me listen to music. I think it was that tune … [sings] To the rescue, here I am, want you to know now, where I stand, sun is shining, we’re on a Raaaainbow [laughs]

What else do you do when you’re not involved in your music?

I love to be on the ocean. I used to run a little surf company when I lived out in Brazil.

Would you rather fly to the moon or dive to the deepest depths of the sea and why?

Fly to the moon, because I believe “man magic” comes from the sky. The bottom of the sea ‘aint no place for humans.

Which country would you most like to play in and why?

I’d love to go play in America, but I don’t think they’ll let me anymore… If they do, I’ll go join a House band in New York.

Festivals or arenas?

Next year I’d love to go play at Green Man, Womad, Bestival, Secret Garden Party, I think the answer is festivals!

Your new music video Mild Words is out, what was the inspiration behind the video?

My friend Jake who directed the video, saw us live and came to me with a really great idea. It resonated pretty well with me and worked with the songs message. It’s sort of about the end of the world, next video will be a happy one, definitely!

What’s coming up for you next?

Festivals, happy times, plastic trombones and another video!

To hear more from George Works, click here.

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