Photoset: Atlas Genius & Nico Vega / 2013

Once I arrived at The Marquee I was amazed by the mass of people waiting in line to see Imagine Dragons, Atlas Genius, and Nico Vega. I knew that this was a sold out show, but I had no clue that this many people would be there. After, waiting outside for a bit in the chilly weather and hearing the crowd screaming in excitement, Racquel and I entered. We waited in anticipation for the first band to go on stage, who we knew very little about, but the energy of  Aja Volkman got us and the rest of the crowd pumped up. Then, it was Atlas Genius who put on an amazing show and definitely won the hearts and ears of the crowd. While watching these two bands perform I snapped some pictures which you can view below. All photos can be found on my personal Flickr.

Nico Vega:8463193238_402f8baf31_b




Atlas Genius:





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