Guest Playlist: Kieran from Iko

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Kieran from Iko  – the melodic  rock band from Exeter, UK – shared his playlist with us. His musical tastes range from REM to Taylor Swift – but he doesn’t want us to hate him for it!  Here is a brief interview with Kieran relating to his song choices…

SP: Tell us why you chose these particular songs?

KS: Just a good selection of what’s currently ticking my box recently. I always forget Wolves, Lower exists and I love listening to how REM grew as a band. Of course I’m an indie guitar man at heart but The Weekend has just pushed R&B and soul into a new place for me, he’s very cool. If a bit rude. The rest are songs that just remind me why I love music. I love Taylor Swift and I love The Fugees. Please don’t hate me.

SP: How do they make you feel?

KS: If they make you feel something then they’re working right? I used to be kinda snobby and say – if music has a vacuous message or no message then it’s not worth listening to. But pop makes you feel good. People wanna be transported somewhere like they do when they watch movies. It’s musics job to take you there

SP: What would you like to say about the artists you’ve chosen?

KS: Think Alt J are great and deserve all the credit they are currently getting. The video to Lucy Roses’ “Shiver” is amazing and made me well up so I love that song. And her. Anything by The Cure never grows old and still sounds as perfect as it did first time I heard it.

SP: When do you listen to these artists/songs?

KS: Mostly when I’m travelling. We’re making an album now so you end up listening to lots of stuff when you’re searching for how you want certain songs to sound.

SP: What is the overall feeling you’d like our listeners/readers to take from your playlist?

KS: I don’t know? That I’m not totally out of touch and one dimensional? Anyone hearing my bands music will probably hear some influence of all the attached.

You can find out more about Iko’s music by visiting

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