EP Review: ‘Mountains In Hurricanes EP’ by Josh Savage


The overall feeling of the ‘Mountains In Hurricanes EP’ is that of a soothing feeling, with peaceful strings and harmonies. The EP starts off with “Mountains In Hurricanes”, a slow song that showcases Savage’s vocals and doesn’t have too much going on in the background, making it a simple yet beautifully executed song. The strings in the song add on to the overall peaceful vibe that the EP portrays, and Savage’s vocals truly drip with emotion. I can honestly say that each time he sings out the chorus, “You can take it all, you can take on mountains in hurricanes, and if you fall, I’ll give you my bones to break ’cause I have faith…”, I get chills.

“Figure You Out”, the second song on the EP, instantly draws you in with beautiful guitar picking. This time around Savage is accompanied by a female vocalist, which adds a nice touch to the song. The lyrics are quite clever with its references to a couple math related terms and mathematicians, but don’t worry you don’t have to be a fan of math to enjoy this song.

“Take Off Your Shackles” is probably my favorite song off the EP and it is right before the remix of “Mountains In Hurricanes”. The lyrics are simple, yet very touching. It is one of those songs that you would just want to belt out at the top of your lungs, and one that leaves you with goosebumps. Basically, there’s only good things that I can say about this song.

The last song on the EP is a remix of “Mountains In Hurricanes”. I’m usually not a fan of remixes but this one is oddly enjoyable. The choppiness of the remix adds somewhat of an upbeat feeling, but the other effects still make it soothing. Most of the song, like the instrumentals, are still kept in and the song still sounds somewhat similar to the original with just some changes, but it is still worth checking out.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Josh Savage: “Take Off Your Shackles”

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