Interview: A Story Beneath

Bridget had the chance to sit and chat with Phil Goff, lead singer for A Story Beneath and shed some light on this up and coming band from California. Phil moved from Chicago in 2006 to start the band and met up with fellow band mates Todd Libby (bass) and Markus Flick (drums). They’ve gone through some member changes but told me that they have a great bond together.
Bridget: What is the influence for your new album?
Phil Goff: Life influenced the album.
B: What can fans expect from the new music?
PG: We are working hard on developing a good stage to performance ratio trying to bring it to life and give it motion, something people can almost grab and take home with them.
B: Who and what inspired you to start singing and playing the guitar?
PG: I myself am very much into a Perfect Circle and Tool as well as Ashes Divide, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails and have always been a huge Incubus fan, but the reason I picked up a guitar was because of Jimi Hendrix and the ‘Nevermind’ album by Nirvana.
B: What do you do when you’re not making music?
PG: Play Call of Duty, promote the band, and work on new projects.
B: Last summer, you guys won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for the Phoenix area. How was that experience?
PG: The battle was intense from the very first post we placed on Facebook, it was just that, a battle. It was a great experience and we recommend any band reading this to go for it!
B: So you’re working on a new album. When will that be released?
PG: Well if funding is successful we are hoping to start recording this month and have a finished product out by July.

Anyone wanting to help A Story Beneath make their album a reality, can go to GoFundMe. I donated and so can you! You can also check them out on Facebook.

Thank you to Phil, Todd and Markus for letting me into your lives, if just for a moment.

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