Feature: Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run - Dark Eyes

Half Moon Run is a Canadian indie rock band consisting of band members Devon Portielje (Vocals, guitars, drums), Conner Molander (vocals, guitars, keys), Dylan Phillips (vocals, drums, keys) and recent addition Isaac Symonds (vocals, guitars, keys, percussion).

Formed in 2010, Half Moon Run has already amassed quite a large following on Facebook and Twitter.  Signed to American label Glassnote Records, their debut album ‘Dark Eyes’ has created a huge buzz in their native Canada, America and Australia, almost certainly due to the fact that they have been supporting Mumford and Sons (who chose the band personally) Metric and most recently Of Monsters and Men. The band are due to release the album in the UK around 1 July 2013, on Communion/Island Records.

At this years SXSW, Half Moon Run were deemed as one of the ‘top bands to see’, and with festivals aplenty planned for this Summer, Half Moon Run look set to become a ‘live’ favourite.

Half Moon Run’s sound is unique in the fact that it crosses genres varying from acoustic folk to psychedelic arrangements and electro-infused sounds.  Their music will send shivers down your spine and send you into a trance like state listening to the narratives within their songs.  Their three-part harmonies are stunning as are the variations of instruments they play.  An acoustic rendition they done of “Full Circle”, filmed in London in March, is an absolute gem to watch. Watch it here:

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