Music News: Lumin Bells – One To Watch


Lumin Bells hail from Liverpool, UK, and have just won the award for ‘One To Watch’ at the second annual ‘Liverpool Music Awards’ at the weekend. This five-piece band produce the most beautiful sounds and even with only two song releases under their belts, you can predict that this band are going to go places.

Nico Hercules, Mick Dolan, Danny Poole, Austin Murphy and Nick Henham were formed when Nico and Mick placed an advert for further members. Likened to Fleet Foxes and Nick Drake, Lumin Bells have already secured radio play at BBC6 music where their song was described as having ‘a gentle beat and melodic core’. Another reviewer claimed that this track ‘appears simplistic at first glance while its carefully crafted lyrics and structure hang back from the spotlight, slowly working its magic’. The band are also being championed by their local radio presenter Dave Monks, who has regularly been playing their music, as well as Janice Long at BBC Radio 2.

Lumin Bells recent release “Somehow The Same” seems to be about working at a relationship even though you know you are from two different ends of the spectrum. With lyrics such as ‘If only I could try to make you see, there’s no-one I know who’s so different to me, but we’re somehow the same’. The track is full of beautiful ambient sounds, while the acoustic guitar and percussion keep it ticking along gently. The song gives a sense of calm and nostalgia, and the vocals are so gentle and warming that you really feel the plea – to the point that you will feel tingling down your spine and you will be plunged into a well of dreams where you know you will find hope and contentment.

Lumin Bells

On 13 September 2013 the band will be playing a set at Liverpool’s Leaf Tea Shop, at which, there will be undoubtedly, be an electric atmposhere for the award winners. The bells will be tolling for our Lumin Bells.

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