The Queen of POP: Lady Gaga vs. Katy Perry


Hopefully, by now, the world saw the MTV’s VMA’s that aired August 25th.  Opening the show was Lady Gaga, singing her new single “Applause” from her third upcoming album ‘ArtPop’ being released November 11th.  She wore strange outfits and danced next to her tight-wearing dancers like she always does. Ending the VMA’s was Katy Perry, singing her new single “Roar” from her upcoming third album ‘Prism’, being released October 22nd. Singing out by the Brooklyn Bridge and acting like a boxer in the ring, Katy gave a great performance. But these two dueling singers have more in common than you may think.

Katy Perry released her first album ‘One of the Boys’ in 2008. Lady Gaga released her first album ‘The Fame’ in 2008. Both push the limits in outrageous tour outfits and wigs, but Lady Gaga goes a little bit further in shock appeal. Both hit the Billboard Hot 100 about the same time with Katy entering in at number 2 and Lady Gaga entering in at number 26 and jumping to number 6. Future events for these two include the iTUNES festival in London on September 14th. No news on  ‘ArtPop’ tour dates as of yet, as she is still recovering from hip surgery. Katy Perry will be sharing the stage on the iHEART Radio Festival in Las Vegas on September 20th. No future tour dates for either singer as of yet. So, which one is the Queen of Pop?

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